How to wash machine-made carpet

Important points of carpet washing

Washing machine-made carpets is one of the important things that must be observed to increase the life of the carpet. Before washing the carpet, it is better to know the principles that before washing the carpet, first dust it to remove the dirt, and if you do not do it, the dust enters the carpet and remains inside the carpet and turns into mud. And will silt and eventually lead to carpet rot. Before starting to wash the carpet, it is better to wait for an hour for the carpet to get wet and it will be easier to wash it, but this is not recommended at all for washing handmade carpets because the colors used in handmade carpet yarns are natural and the colors Combines with each other. Use a mat to wash the carpet that is hard, such as a mosaic or cement floor. In the continuation of this article, we have tried to tell you information about washing machine-made carpets by hand.


Machine carpet washing process

It is better to use lukewarm water to wash the machine carpet, because the use of hot water damages the carpet fabric and causes the carpet texture to be destroyed. Using grated soap to whiten the roots of the carpet will have a great effect. You can even use a small amount of salt to wash the carpet. Be sure to use a suitable, neutral detergent to wash the carpet to keep the color of the carpet consistent. After washing the carpet, it is better to pipe it and put it vertically for a few hours so that the water of the carpet comes out faster and prevents the machine carpet from turning yellow. If you want to wash the carpet using carpet shampoo, it is better to sweep the carpet before washing. Be sure to use the foam on the carpet shampoo and do not use the carpet shampoo solution because it will cause the carpet to become cloudy.